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Welcome to the Brush Hour. In this place you will find my creations as a hobby level designer for Quake3, CPMA and Warsow as well as the occasional blog entry.

Acid3dm11 Alpha playtesters wanted


Eleven years have passed since I have made a Q3 CPMA map. Feedback for this duel map alpha version is most welcome. Find me on the CPMA Discord in #leveldesign or DM me: "acid", not "AciD".

Map is hosted on Thanks Fjoggs.

Download Alpha 2

Revisiting old code is self-flagellation


Honestly, who wrote this highly confusing code that kept the site running since 2010? Anyway, I have rewritten a few little bits of code and changed the appearance of the maps list. Should I feel very bored, I might rewrite the whole thing and implement responsive design.

You would not believe it, but the CPMA scene is still active. Nowadays it's all on Discord of course, but many of the old guys are still around. Amazing! There's a leveldesign channel with a few peeps posting stuff every once in a while.

I did even chuck a few brushes together this year just to find out if I can still use the Radiant. What can I say? It's like riding a bike. You won't forget how to do it. Will this result in a map? Who knows? It's mainly a matter of spare time as a family man.

Stay tuned.

DM10 from Alpha to Final


Acid3DM10 source file


I always found it useful to have a look at source files. May it be maps, php code or else. For those who are keen on exploring my mapping style, here is the source file of "Interstellar Waltz". If I manage to recover the lost files from my faulted hard drive, I will upload some more.

Conserve the forests


I've been struggling for three days to find the right tools for building and importing trees into Quake 3. I am very happy with the result now.

Acid3DM10 Interstellar Waltz Release


This news might make the CPM crowd happy: Today I finished a completely new duel map using a very neat texture set from Hourences. Size is small, so gameplay should be fast paced. Expect a warsow release within the next weeks.

Servers:;password keksfabrik;password keksfabrik;password cpmduel;password cpmduel

Map page

Acid3DM9 Custom Release


I got consent from blemish and ekse for this release, so classic lovers will now have another former map to play with Warsow and Quake 3.

Customs included 1V1 Cup


36 recently made a map called "Dream on" heavily inspired by a set of popular duel maps such as "Phrantic", "Monsoon" or Unbalanced. It's using
a mixture of textures taken from Unbalanced and Rushed. This map and AcidWDM2 will be featured in the Customs-included 1V1 Cup this sunday.

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Newspost on
Dream on

Three new-old maps


Hi there. I have finally converted my last Warsow maps for Q3, which are now available as:

Acid3dm6 - Rushed
Acid3dm7 - Unbalanced II
Acid3dm8 - Rush to the Disco

AcidWDM2 in the WWCL


Unbalanced has also been added to the mappool of the WWCL 1on1 League. Now only CDC is missing :P

AcidWDM2 in the ESL


Unbalanced will be featured in the ESL Duel Cup January 08. Me happy... and hungry. Need breakfast now.

Former WDM2, WDM11 and WCTF2 now officially custom


My drop out of the Warsow dev team had quite a large impact on the community. The planned rendering updates of the upcoming Warsow 0.4 version will cause WDM2, WDM11 and WCTF2 to be removed from the official release pack. As I want to make space for new "official" placeholders and to prevent confusion, I decided to re-release these maps as officially custom.

Say hello to AcidWDM2, AcidWDM11 and AcidWCTF2. These versions are 100% identical with the latest official releases.

Goodbye Warsow


Hello peeps. In therms of mapping I like to take a break and get some new inspiration. The Warsow project is developing in a direction I don't agree with, so I dropped out to concentrate on other projects.

WDM11 restyling done


The WDM11 restyling is done by 99%. You'll be able to enjoy this map in the upcoming Warsow 0.31 release.



I started and finished a new Warsow Duel and 2V2 map: WDM11. It's titled "Rushed" as I was able to finish it very quickly compared to other maps of mine. It will be included in the upcoming Warsow version 0.3. People in the Warsow forum are rather freaked out and posting cats all the time. It's not even caturday! Stay tuned for 0.3!

Warsow on GIGA eSports


For the second time I was invited to visit the german gaming TV broadcasting station called GIGA located in Cologne. Lokirulez from and me have been invited to talk about the Warsow project and showed some ingame action as well. It was a pleasure to be at the show again and meet a part of the GIGA team.

You may download the broadcast from Megaupload. Hint: you will need to enter the code in the upper right corner.

Part 1
Part 2

Warsow 0.1 released


Last friday, around 20PM CET: Warsow reaches beta status! The highly anticipated standalone, opensource and completely free of charge ego shooter has been released in version 0.1.

Get it, while it's hot at

Warsow featured in french gaming magazines


Now this is some really good news! Warsow has recently been introduced in two popular french gaming magazines. The articles stick to hobby mods and their making with Warsow being mentioned. There are several screenshots of our models and maps, including Unbalanced. Beware, this is all french!


Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4
Page 5, Page 6, Page 7, Page 8

Canard PC

Page 1

Unbalanced aka CPM28


Finally one of my longl-time-goals has fullfilled: Unbalanced is in the CPMA Mappack 7 now known as CPM28 in a slightly modified state. Changes are majorly concerning item placement, the brushwork is exactly the same except for the now missing secret, which I had to remove for competitive reasons.

Unfortunately a lot of people complained about the Cel Shading looks, so I decided to remix this puppy. Right now I'm searching for a decent metal or tech texture set that hasn't been overused. I'll post some content if I've got anything ready to be shown.

Unbalanced - The Q3 Edition


Finally I got this baby finished tonight. I believe it is the finest looking map I ever made, but that's no wonder as I love Cel Shading and vibrant colors. Go have a look and get it here.



I was talking to blemish one day in IRC and I found out he was working on a game project named Warsow. He gave me an alpha version of the game and I was stunned. Basically it is very similiar to CPMA, but with the addition of walljumps. It is using the Qfusion engine and is planned to be distributed freely.

Below you can see some screenshots of my present map for Warsow, called Unbalanced. As I've said before, I'd make a map similiar to Jump.

Warsow website

TDM Remix of Shaman&Dragon


The reason for this little remix was the positive feedback on TDM gameplay. The original version unfortunately had some issues so I made a new version dedicated to 2V2.



Excuse me for being such a slow mapper, but I cannot afford sitting in front of the radiant all day long. Shaman&Dragon is a Team Death Match and Tourney map intended for Challenge Promode Arena. It utilizes a great texture set from Shaderlab, which I edited slightly to suit my needs.

Get it

TPMC Contest Results


Finally the results of the TPMC (Team Play Mapping Contest, what a genious name) by are public. With my entry Bern.Stein.Zimmer I was able to reach the second place.