Brush Hour



Revisiting old code is self-flagellation


Honestly, who wrote this highly confusing code that kept the site running since 2010? Anyway, I have rewritten a few little bits of code and changed the appearance of the maps list. Should I feel very bored, I might rewrite the whole thing and implement responsive design.

You would not believe it, but the CPMA scene is still active. Nowadays it's all on Discord of course, but many of the old guys are still around. Amazing! There's a leveldesign channel with a few peeps posting stuff every once in a while.

I did even chuck a few brushes together this year just to find out if I can still use the Radiant. What can I say? It's like riding a bike. You won't forget how to do it. Will this result in a map? Who knows? It's mainly a matter of spare time as a family man.

Stay tuned.