Brush Hour

To the pickaxe!

21. September 2010, 9:48 pm

Long time passed since the last update and a lot has changed. Not regarding the website or its content, but regarding my non electronic life.

I may call myself engineer with a diploma now and got a job as a software developer. Funny stuff. Besides the job I try to get back into mapping again. Windows 7 does an excellent job in pissing me off, since the GTK Radiant 1.4 (won't use any other) doesn't run out of the box.

There are still two projects in the pipeline, one being "Realm of teh Otmar" and another yet unpublished. Since the unknown project is a lot smaller, there will be an update on this more likely. Spending time mapping will be easier in winter, too.

Stay tuned.

Oh and you better get yourself a copy of Minecraft. Evil time stealer, but a lot of fun!