Brush Hour

Yes, I live

27. July 2004, 12:35 am

Sorry for the long period of abstinence. I had a lot of work with school, starting to study, having jobs to pay things like a motorbike and so on.

You can expect me to upload a lot of new stuff within the next days. I made a short Raven Shield movie and a trickjump movie on Shaman&Dragon which is quite old but I still want to release that. Furthermore I made 2 versions of the good old Q1DM6: a classic one with Quake 1 textures and tweaked weapons for Quake 3 Arena and a minimalistic version that contains only 20 brushes! I made that for cha0s' second 20 Brush Contest. The results will be published in a few days.

As you might have noticed I slightly changed the style of the site. I enlarged the font so you can read it better. I changed the banner position, changed a lot of texts and made a new logo.